This is going to seem random.

When I was in first grade I read my first chapter book. It was about very little people that lived and had adventures in the world of very big people. I remember running downstairs to tell my dad that one of these little people had gotten trapped in a jar of peanut butter and was going to suffocate unless he got out. (He got out.) I was so excited by the possibilities of storytelling, and for years I never went anywhere without bringing a book with me.

When I was four I said a prayer that meant I would go to heaven when I died. At least, I think I was four. I didn’t remember the circumstances and for years repeated the prayer over and over just to be sure I had really said it. I told my grandpa he needed to do the same because he didn’t go to church and smoked cigarettes. Over time I came to realize how damaging this belief could be and sought wider, more inclusive ways of understanding what we call God.

When I went to college I still wasn’t clear on the difference between political parties. I knew there was a difference—I just hadn’t made the effort to find out. It wasn’t until my junior year that I started to engage and learn more about how government affects not only my life, but the lives of those around me. I decided I was on the side of the environment and healthcare and against assault weapons and massive inequality.

So what do any of these stories have to do with each other?

Like I said, they probably seem random, almost as if blindly pulled from a deck of cards. (Aha!) But these stories hint at the various layers and stratum that make up my life. They are early stops on a road map of my passions and interests, the things that make me who I am. They point to topics that likely fill my head at any given moment—art, spirituality, and what’s going on in the world. And it’s these topics that tend to spill out whenever I’m presented with a blank page.

They don’t always tie together neatly. There are times when they do, but God forbid anyone try to force it. It’s better just to let them be. To pull a card from the deck and see what comes up. It may not make for a great blog—something hyper specific that has its niche and can easily fit into a box. But it gives me an easy outlet to express myself and be me, to record and think through those things that matter to me. And what is the point of writing if not that?

So if you’re reading—welcome. This may end up being more for me than it is for you, but I’m still glad you’re here. No matter what interests you or what your passion is, I hope you find something that engages you and allows us to connect. I’m excited to get some of these thoughts down so they stop rattling around in my head all day, and hopefully you find something worthwhile in it too.

So grab a seat, settle in, and go fish.

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