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Welcome to the blog.

Welcome to the official blog of Josh Fisher. Created as a means to dive deep into art and culture, GOFISHFISHER is all about moving from passive consumption to active engagement. It’s about what happens after you watch that movie or read that book. Because we all know the process of absorbing creative work doesn’t—or shouldn’t—end there.

The fact is that good art requires a response. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about an episode of television or a song you heard on the radio. The very act of discussing it changes your experience, opening you up to countless different viewpoints. You begin to realize just how layered a work of art can be, and suddenly that work becomes something more.

With more content available at our fingertips than ever, it’s easy to become casual consumers. But when we take the time to go deep with creative work, really seeking to understand and find meaning in it, the results are infinitely more rewarding. We become an active contributors to the creative process, rather than mere bystanders.

That’s what GOFISHFISHER is all about. It’s for those who are not content to just watch a movie or read a book.  For those who want to involve themselves in the work they consume and unfold its many layers. In other words, it’s for those who love art.

Thank you for visiting.